Apr 09 2017

Which Digital Marketing Technique to Choose Really SEO or Adwords

Today digital marketing has impacted the like of businesses in many ways, whether it is a lead generation via organic or via paid advertisements. As almost all of us spend our most important hours working on a computer, hence the other forms of advertisements like banners etc have become useless. Moreover spending your budget on digital marketing is highly scalable as you can see what you are spending and what output are you getting, which is not possible in traditional marketing.

But in digital marketing also there are certain things that you need to consider before starting your advertising for getting proper outputs. In this regard it is very important to know which form of advertising is important ie, SEO or Adwords. Some of the points that describes it are given below :

1)      Doing an effective keyword research for your target market

While there are so many tools available in the market, but we think that “Google’s Keyword Planner” is by far the best of them as it always gives us trusted results. But doing the keyword research for SEO and Adwords are a little different, as in SEO you have to choose keywords which are least generic and have also medium to high search volumes. But on the other hand in Adwords you can choose any long tailed keywords having moderate search volumes and you can also consider the competition column for that. Moreover in SEO you have to choose all the keywords with variations which we don’t need to consider in Adwords as we can use different match types to include variations.

2)      Avoiding competitions with other advertisers  

In Adwords there are features which will allow you to choose those specific keywords that can allow you to advertise on a niche segment. However there are also some features like location setting that will allow you to show your ads only for specific countries and that too for specific regions. Adwords can also facilitate you to exclude the regions that you don’t want to advertise or you know you have many competitors.

In SEO however the most important factor that is I don’t need to pay every time the customers clicks on my website, but you see that we don’t have the control over the competitors who are going through our website and doing good for their own. Infact they can also make Google penalize our website by doing some bad link buildings that takes time to recover.

3)      Showing additional information’s with our ads

Adwords has the feature of showing Ad Extensions along with our ads which infact shows additional information’s or our business USP’s that differs us from other businesses. The main impact of that comes when a qualified lead shows the ad, they can easily have an idea of our business and enters our website with a definite knowledge.

In SEO however we have some selective techniques like introducing Schema or Meta Title and Description that shows that information’s we want to show, but that is certainly not enough as compared to Adwords.

4)      Advertising on a specific time

In Adwords it is possible if you want to show your ads on a specific time. The ads will run and show only to audiences who are active at that time only. This feature will also allow you to provide leads at your peak business hours that have a better chance of converting. In SEO we simply don’t have this feature, as the leads can show your ads and can enquire at anytime ie, separate from business hours also.

However from the facts mentioned above, we think doing a PPC for a specific market and that too in a controlled manner will give you much more leads that SEO for a long time. For guaranteed ROI driven services on Adwords, please feel free to Contact US.


Apr 09 2017

Websites Developed Using WordPress vs The Ones Using HTML/CSS

Almost all of us are familiar with the terms like WordPress and HTML, as we know that the websites in the industry mostly runs on these. Explaining that in a broader sense will include that all static websites are built using HTML/CSS and the dynamic ones using WordPress. Now for a non-technical guy it will be very difficult to choose which one should they use ie, WordPress or HTML as they are unaware of their full requirements. Hence we have sorted out some of the points that will explain the pros and cons of these two as given below :

WordPress Advantages :

The most important advantage of WordPress is that they are really very easy to develop and also easier to handle for the website owners. It perfectly suits for websites that requires frequent updation of its contents and also for various plugins to get installed. Almost 27% of the websites in the internet are built using WordPress as it really provides them quick updation and also adding various plugins with ease. Ex. If you want your website to get eCommerce features, then you can use one of its plugins like WooCommerce   to easily implement the same. Moreover it also has an inbuilt plugin like YOAST SEO plugin that can easily perform the basic SEO operations.

However the most important part is that in WordPress you can have a dedicated backend where your datas can be stored in a database like MYSQL. Moreover it also has a blogging feature which help peoples engage with your website can also provide their names and e-mail ids for marketing.

WordPress Disadvantages :

As WordPress has many inbuilt options like plugins, it becomes very difficult if they are outdated. You will have to update the website from time to time to get proper benefit out of it, and if you don’t then the site will probably become slow. Moreover it can also be easily hacked if you don’t use proper security options in that, and for SEO also you have to work very hard for obtaining its topmost ranks.

HTML/CSS Advantages :

This is mostly recommended if you want to use a simple and fast website and want to customize every part of it by yourself or through your in house staff. It provides unlimited customization ability and will also help you to take a very good control of your SEO. It will also help to get adapted to any mobile screens and also help to escape from the issue of “Size target tap” for end user experiences. Moreover for the HTML sites, you don’t have to worry about updating your website from time to time and also the site loads faster than others, which improves SEO. Last but not the least Google loves to crawl HTML/CSS pages, hence there is nothing like it if you develop every pages of your website using that.

HTML/CSS Disadvantages :

The main problems of these websites arise when you are in need to update your website. You have to hire a dedicated developer who has the complete knowledge of that to perform the same thing. Moreover it can also produce problems if you want to include additional features for your website like adding dynamic contents or adding social plugins etc. Apart from that the database part of the HTML websites are missing, hence you cannot store the data’s in the database as you will have only static files.


Having explained all we believe that both of them are quite useful on their ways ie, the way you use them. For websites which don’t require frequent updation or changing but with great speed, then HTML/CSS will be perfect for them Ex. (.gov) related websites. On the other hand which requires heavy updation from time to time to market their website to clients, then WordPress will be perfect for them.

Confused about which one to choose for you, let us decide the same. Contact an expert Now and get Free Consultation.

Apr 09 2017

Top 10 Tips for Building an Effective Mobile Application

Mobile apps are taking a big revolution in today’s market, as in these days we simply cannot live without mobile apps. They have become a part of our daily life, hence it is always profitable for every businesses to use this one for targeting their appropriate customers. However there are several points that you should consider before actually developing your app.

1)      Optimize the speed of your app

This is the first thing that you should consider before developing or marketing your app. You just cannot compromise with the app speed as it just disturbs the users and forces them to uninstall the app. Hence it is always recommended to uses light designs and images, so that the speed of that remains very good.

2)      Don’t consider the app as a replacement of your website

If we take a look at the successful mobile app businesses in the market, then we can see that every one of them has a website developed for them. Infact mobile app drives its datas from a dedicated backend mainly for eCommerce related apps which requires items to be customized from time to time. Although we can use JSON parsing nowadays in iOS apps to perform the work of a backend, but it is always for lighter apps.

3)      Sending Notifications to users from time to time

Normally when a user installs and app, he remains quite active with that for the first few days. After that he tries other apps, hence it is always recommended for every companies to send them various offers via notifications that will ensure its sustainability.

4)      Reduce the app size

Telling for an end user perspective, every wants an app that does not consumes much space in their phones. If it does then everyone will have the tendency to uninstall the app and move for other ones, as we don’t want to delete our primary apps like Facebook, Amazon etc which takes reasonable spaces.

5)      Allow easy sign ups with the apps

We often get irritated if we have to fill up various forms in the apps to properly sign up for that. Hence as a business it will be our duty to ease the process of the same. Today several options like Sign in with Google or Facebook options are available, that can help with the same.

6)      Enable features to know the user’s contacts and its location

Today with some technology options, we can know how to track a user’s location and market the products or services around them. Moreover it will be easy for the businesses to sell these as the users are likely to avail them quickly. Some sort of social media applications can also access user’s contacts to promote their brand to the friends of the user’s also.

7)      Use Paid Advertising to promote your brand

For some brands which are new in the market, paid form of advertising is perhaps the best for them as it can gather some quick leads for them. For mobile there are certain process of advertising, which can send them directly in play stores/itunes to install the app. Moreover Google also allows paid advertising in Play Stores, so that the app can rank in top for some keywords.

8)      Use Remarketing options to attract existing visitors

Google, Facebook and other medias provide some options like Remarketing, which will help us to target my app to only those market segment who are interested or visited my website or app before. We may see it quite often that after going through some product item in Amazon, it gets visible in facebook. This is due to the same feature that will show me those until I am performing some sale/purchase with those ones.

9)      Keep place for online ads to appear

Google normally shows its adverts along its Search and Display networks and also through some search partners. Normally to enable these features you have to install Adsense in your app which will allow the ads to get appeared and you will be paid some cents on the basis of clicks or impressions. Hence it is a very good option for the advertisers to earn something from their apps apart from the leads or product purchases.

10)  Include Referral Discounts

This is the most common form of advertising available in both online and traditional form. Nowadays we have seen that many companies are using the same to attract more visitors for their apps. It will not only help to attract more users but will also help to retain them for marketing products or services in the future.

However these are by far the most important tips that can effectively help businesses to start with their mobile apps. Infact there are tons of other things to consider before implementing the same. Do Contact US for getting a free consultation form our experts.

Apr 08 2017

Factors All E-Tailers Need to Consider for Their Website or Mobile App

Today lot of us thinks that e-tailers are dominating the Indian Market. Yet there are lots of peoples who thinks that they are not trustworthy and here lies the challenge of them in the market. A lot of us don’t even know how giant e-tailers like Flipkart and Amazon have survived in this market, or many of them don’t even bother. But to be honest, they have survived through us, as we have shown the way so that they can survive through this form of marketing.

Some of the factors that we need to choose or e-tailers have to include in their website are given below :

1)      Purchasing a related Domain and a strong server

The first point that attracts the customers is that when they hear something that is related to their requirements. Hence building a business name related to products or services will help. The next thing comes when they comes at your website, if the website is slow then they will leave in a straightforward manner. Hence a strong server is very necessary.

2)      Make your website attractive and your product pictures even more

The next thing is obviously the design which attracts your customers. Today having a proper design and most importantly a mobile responsive web design is as important as having a website. Moreover the designs should also be very fast and if possible some image compression techniques like GZIP compression are also to be applied.

3)      Feature the seasonal products at the front page

Many of the e-tailers misses this point that peoples always searches for the seasonal products at the very first page as they don’t have time to browse the full website. They can also engage the visitors through attractive discounts and trustworthy policies.

4)      Customer Testimonials and Refund Policies

The customer testimonials should be there at the footer section of the page so that the users can have faith on them. Moreover the refund policies should be there that can ensure that the users money are not wasted.

5)      Have a very good presence in social medias

Today peoples has a strong notion that the brands who are maintaining a strong reputation in social medias are somehow trustworthy. Social Medias actually takes opinions from direct consumers and hence it is very difficult to escape them nowadays.

6)      Engage your Customers through Mobile Apps

Today every brands are trying to build a Mobile App for their business, but there are certain marketing techniques which are needed to be applied for getting effective results from them. A mobile app can increase the customer engagement rate and also helps to get the customer details. Hence mobile apps can sometimes be much more productive than websites. But it is to be noted that the mobile apps much be backed by a dedicated web backend and should be checked from time to time for its speed.

7)      Dedicated and Recognized Payment Gateway

There must to a secured and dedicated payment gateway attached to the system that must to fail at any circumstances. Today many payment gateways like BillDesk, PayUmoney etc provide API’s that can be attached to the system.

Moreover there should be a “Cash On Delivery” module also that can increase the trust factors of the customers.

However these are the factors which are the most important things for online e-tailers to get their business started. Infact there are various other factors also which facilitates these business like Digital Marketing etc. For more please feel free to Contact US.


Apr 08 2017

Factors You Need to Consider Before Marketing Your Website Via Various Digital Channels

Nowadays a website plays a very important role on bringing qualified leads. But all of that depends on how you market your website through some appropriate digital channels like Google, Bing, Facebook etc. However there are number of factors that every business should consider before marketing their website digitally. Some of the most important factors are given below :

1)      Think about your target market and your competitors

Whether you are starting a new business or promoting an existing one, targeting the right sort of customers is the most important thing. You cannot just target the whole world as there are already somebody who are providing the services to them, hence it is very important for you to target some appropriate audiences, who can be your customers for sure.

2)      Choose the right sort of keywords

It is very important for businesses to choose the right sort of keywords for targeting qualified leads. We often use the word as “long tailed keywords” in digital marketing to describe it as you can easily have the idea what the leads are thinking.

3)      Choose the appropriate channel

Many of us believe that marketing their website in Google will always gather leads for them, but that is not always true. There are some countries where Google is not very popular and BING is the most popular one. Consequently if the business is of a new type, then you cannot get keyword ideas from Google, in that case Facebook might be the one you need the most.

4)      Decide whether to choose PPC or SEO

This is the most confusing part for every business as they don’t know which can be the best for them.  We think that a website that is new and don’t have any brand value, PPC can be the best for them for gathering some quick leads. However after gathering some awareness and some quick leads it is always recommended to do SEO as that cannot charge you every time the customers clicks on your ads.

However these are the factors which are the most important things for marketing online. Infact there are various other factors which should always be considered before actually implementing the same. For more please feel free to Contact US.


Apr 07 2017

Hotel Management Software Modules



There are many companies in India or abroad who hire software developers to properly develop or manage some Hotel Management Software, but majority of them merely misses the initial phases that are required for the same. At Webcraftzs we provide professionals, who have the knowledge of various phases that are required and can develop them according to the plan. The main requirements of the same are given below:

1) Centralized Reservation System

This system will help you to receive orders from your customers, and book the same in the system.

2) A Booking Calendar

This will help the members see very clearly all the bookings, guests who checks ins, hold bookings, guests check outs all at the same time. Moreover the system will also show the rooms which are reserved till a certain date.

3) Monitoring the Guest Check In’s and Check Outs

This will help to register the customers to the system with their ID’s and also keeping in track their whereabouts through synchronizing with the biometric system.

4) Custom and Automated Billing

This will help to generate a system generated invoice to the guests, on the basis of their bookings and final checkout times.

5) Synchronizing with Travel Agent API’s

This will help to detect whether the bookings are direct or through travel agent website like Make My Trip. This will enable the invoices to be calculated accordingly and apply discounts where or when required.

6) Custom Reports and Inclusions

This will help to generate custom reports for the members like Sales Report, Tax Report etc. Moreover it will enable the members add custom features to the customers like Swimming Costumes, Wines etc.

7) Recognized Payment Gateway  

There must to a secured and dedicated payment gateway attached to the system that must to fail at any circumstances. Today many payment gateways like BillDesk, PayUmoney etc provide API’s that can be attached to the system.

8) Inventory and Stock Management

This will help to keep track of the stocks like foods, clothes, towels etc.  So that they can be ordered from time to time without any fail.

9) Financial Management

This will be connected to legacy systems or other software modules like Tally etc. So that the net financial gain can always be calculated.

10)  Payroll Management

This will help to hotel authorities manage the payroll of their staffs and also calculate their wages on the basis of their performance.

This are perhaps the most important points which we feel are important, but we feel that the requirements many vary from hotels to hotels, hence at Webcraftzs we offer Custom Software Development that can help the companies adapt the system with their legacy systems and through which they can benefit from. So why wait? Contact Us today.

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