Apr 08 2017

Factors You Need to Consider Before Marketing Your Website Via Various Digital Channels

Nowadays a website plays a very important role on bringing qualified leads. But all of that depends on how you market your website through some appropriate digital channels like Google, Bing, Facebook etc. However there are number of factors that every business should consider before marketing their website digitally. Some of the most important factors are given below :

1)      Think about your target market and your competitors

Whether you are starting a new business or promoting an existing one, targeting the right sort of customers is the most important thing. You cannot just target the whole world as there are already somebody who are providing the services to them, hence it is very important for you to target some appropriate audiences, who can be your customers for sure.

2)      Choose the right sort of keywords

It is very important for businesses to choose the right sort of keywords for targeting qualified leads. We often use the word as “long tailed keywords” in digital marketing to describe it as you can easily have the idea what the leads are thinking.

3)      Choose the appropriate channel

Many of us believe that marketing their website in Google will always gather leads for them, but that is not always true. There are some countries where Google is not very popular and BING is the most popular one. Consequently if the business is of a new type, then you cannot get keyword ideas from Google, in that case Facebook might be the one you need the most.

4)      Decide whether to choose PPC or SEO

This is the most confusing part for every business as they don’t know which can be the best for them.  We think that a website that is new and don’t have any brand value, PPC can be the best for them for gathering some quick leads. However after gathering some awareness and some quick leads it is always recommended to do SEO as that cannot charge you every time the customers clicks on your ads.

However these are the factors which are the most important things for marketing online. Infact there are various other factors which should always be considered before actually implementing the same. For more please feel free to Contact US.


Apr 09 2017

Which Digital Marketing Technique to Choose Really SEO or Adwords

Today digital marketing has impacted the like of businesses in many ways, whether it is a lead generation via organic or via paid advertisements. As almost all of us spend our most important hours working on a computer, hence the other forms of advertisements like banners etc have become useless. Moreover spending your budget on digital marketing is highly scalable as you can see what you are spending and what output are you getting, which is not possible in traditional marketing.

But in digital marketing also there are certain things that you need to consider before starting your advertising for getting proper outputs. In this regard it is very important to know which form of advertising is important ie, SEO or Adwords. Some of the points that describes it are given below :

1)      Doing an effective keyword research for your target market

While there are so many tools available in the market, but we think that “Google’s Keyword Planner” is by far the best of them as it always gives us trusted results. But doing the keyword research for SEO and Adwords are a little different, as in SEO you have to choose keywords which are least generic and have also medium to high search volumes. But on the other hand in Adwords you can choose any long tailed keywords having moderate search volumes and you can also consider the competition column for that. Moreover in SEO you have to choose all the keywords with variations which we don’t need to consider in Adwords as we can use different match types to include variations.

2)      Avoiding competitions with other advertisers  

In Adwords there are features which will allow you to choose those specific keywords that can allow you to advertise on a niche segment. However there are also some features like location setting that will allow you to show your ads only for specific countries and that too for specific regions. Adwords can also facilitate you to exclude the regions that you don’t want to advertise or you know you have many competitors.

In SEO however the most important factor that is I don’t need to pay every time the customers clicks on my website, but you see that we don’t have the control over the competitors who are going through our website and doing good for their own. Infact they can also make Google penalize our website by doing some bad link buildings that takes time to recover.

3)      Showing additional information’s with our ads

Adwords has the feature of showing Ad Extensions along with our ads which infact shows additional information’s or our business USP’s that differs us from other businesses. The main impact of that comes when a qualified lead shows the ad, they can easily have an idea of our business and enters our website with a definite knowledge.

In SEO however we have some selective techniques like introducing Schema or Meta Title and Description that shows that information’s we want to show, but that is certainly not enough as compared to Adwords.

4)      Advertising on a specific time

In Adwords it is possible if you want to show your ads on a specific time. The ads will run and show only to audiences who are active at that time only. This feature will also allow you to provide leads at your peak business hours that have a better chance of converting. In SEO we simply don’t have this feature, as the leads can show your ads and can enquire at anytime ie, separate from business hours also.

However from the facts mentioned above, we think doing a PPC for a specific market and that too in a controlled manner will give you much more leads that SEO for a long time. For guaranteed ROI driven services on Adwords, please feel free to Contact US.