Apr 07 2017

Hotel Management Software Modules



There are many companies in India or abroad who hire software developers to properly develop or manage some Hotel Management Software, but majority of them merely misses the initial phases that are required for the same. At Webcraftzs we provide professionals, who have the knowledge of various phases that are required and can develop them according to the plan. The main requirements of the same are given below:

1) Centralized Reservation System

This system will help you to receive orders from your customers, and book the same in the system.

2) A Booking Calendar

This will help the members see very clearly all the bookings, guests who checks ins, hold bookings, guests check outs all at the same time. Moreover the system will also show the rooms which are reserved till a certain date.

3) Monitoring the Guest Check In’s and Check Outs

This will help to register the customers to the system with their ID’s and also keeping in track their whereabouts through synchronizing with the biometric system.

4) Custom and Automated Billing

This will help to generate a system generated invoice to the guests, on the basis of their bookings and final checkout times.

5) Synchronizing with Travel Agent API’s

This will help to detect whether the bookings are direct or through travel agent website like Make My Trip. This will enable the invoices to be calculated accordingly and apply discounts where or when required.

6) Custom Reports and Inclusions

This will help to generate custom reports for the members like Sales Report, Tax Report etc. Moreover it will enable the members add custom features to the customers like Swimming Costumes, Wines etc.

7) Recognized Payment Gateway  

There must to a secured and dedicated payment gateway attached to the system that must to fail at any circumstances. Today many payment gateways like BillDesk, PayUmoney etc provide API’s that can be attached to the system.

8) Inventory and Stock Management

This will help to keep track of the stocks like foods, clothes, towels etc.  So that they can be ordered from time to time without any fail.

9) Financial Management

This will be connected to legacy systems or other software modules like Tally etc. So that the net financial gain can always be calculated.

10)  Payroll Management

This will help to hotel authorities manage the payroll of their staffs and also calculate their wages on the basis of their performance.

This are perhaps the most important points which we feel are important, but we feel that the requirements many vary from hotels to hotels, hence at Webcraftzs we offer Custom Software Development that can help the companies adapt the system with their legacy systems and through which they can benefit from. So why wait? Contact Us today.