Apr 09 2017

Websites Developed Using WordPress vs The Ones Using HTML/CSS

Almost all of us are familiar with the terms like WordPress and HTML, as we know that the websites in the industry mostly runs on these. Explaining that in a broader sense will include that all static websites are built using HTML/CSS and the dynamic ones using WordPress. Now for a non-technical guy it will be very difficult to choose which one should they use ie, WordPress or HTML as they are unaware of their full requirements. Hence we have sorted out some of the points that will explain the pros and cons of these two as given below :

WordPress Advantages :

The most important advantage of WordPress is that they are really very easy to develop and also easier to handle for the website owners. It perfectly suits for websites that requires frequent updation of its contents and also for various plugins to get installed. Almost 27% of the websites in the internet are built using WordPress as it really provides them quick updation and also adding various plugins with ease. Ex. If you want your website to get eCommerce features, then you can use one of its plugins like WooCommerce   to easily implement the same. Moreover it also has an inbuilt plugin like YOAST SEO plugin that can easily perform the basic SEO operations.

However the most important part is that in WordPress you can have a dedicated backend where your datas can be stored in a database like MYSQL. Moreover it also has a blogging feature which help peoples engage with your website can also provide their names and e-mail ids for marketing.

WordPress Disadvantages :

As WordPress has many inbuilt options like plugins, it becomes very difficult if they are outdated. You will have to update the website from time to time to get proper benefit out of it, and if you don’t then the site will probably become slow. Moreover it can also be easily hacked if you don’t use proper security options in that, and for SEO also you have to work very hard for obtaining its topmost ranks.

HTML/CSS Advantages :

This is mostly recommended if you want to use a simple and fast website and want to customize every part of it by yourself or through your in house staff. It provides unlimited customization ability and will also help you to take a very good control of your SEO. It will also help to get adapted to any mobile screens and also help to escape from the issue of “Size target tap” for end user experiences. Moreover for the HTML sites, you don’t have to worry about updating your website from time to time and also the site loads faster than others, which improves SEO. Last but not the least Google loves to crawl HTML/CSS pages, hence there is nothing like it if you develop every pages of your website using that.

HTML/CSS Disadvantages :

The main problems of these websites arise when you are in need to update your website. You have to hire a dedicated developer who has the complete knowledge of that to perform the same thing. Moreover it can also produce problems if you want to include additional features for your website like adding dynamic contents or adding social plugins etc. Apart from that the database part of the HTML websites are missing, hence you cannot store the data’s in the database as you will have only static files.


Having explained all we believe that both of them are quite useful on their ways ie, the way you use them. For websites which don’t require frequent updation or changing but with great speed, then HTML/CSS will be perfect for them Ex. (.gov) related websites. On the other hand which requires heavy updation from time to time to market their website to clients, then WordPress will be perfect for them.

Confused about which one to choose for you, let us decide the same. Contact an expert Now and get Free Consultation.