Apr 08 2017

Factors All E-Tailers Need to Consider for Their Website or Mobile App

Today lot of us thinks that e-tailers are dominating the Indian Market. Yet there are lots of peoples who thinks that they are not trustworthy and here lies the challenge of them in the market. A lot of us don’t even know how giant e-tailers like Flipkart and Amazon have survived in this market, or many of them don’t even bother. But to be honest, they have survived through us, as we have shown the way so that they can survive through this form of marketing.

Some of the factors that we need to choose or e-tailers have to include in their website are given below :

1)      Purchasing a related Domain and a strong server

The first point that attracts the customers is that when they hear something that is related to their requirements. Hence building a business name related to products or services will help. The next thing comes when they comes at your website, if the website is slow then they will leave in a straightforward manner. Hence a strong server is very necessary.

2)      Make your website attractive and your product pictures even more

The next thing is obviously the design which attracts your customers. Today having a proper design and most importantly a mobile responsive web design is as important as having a website. Moreover the designs should also be very fast and if possible some image compression techniques like GZIP compression are also to be applied.

3)      Feature the seasonal products at the front page

Many of the e-tailers misses this point that peoples always searches for the seasonal products at the very first page as they don’t have time to browse the full website. They can also engage the visitors through attractive discounts and trustworthy policies.

4)      Customer Testimonials and Refund Policies

The customer testimonials should be there at the footer section of the page so that the users can have faith on them. Moreover the refund policies should be there that can ensure that the users money are not wasted.

5)      Have a very good presence in social medias

Today peoples has a strong notion that the brands who are maintaining a strong reputation in social medias are somehow trustworthy. Social Medias actually takes opinions from direct consumers and hence it is very difficult to escape them nowadays.

6)      Engage your Customers through Mobile Apps

Today every brands are trying to build a Mobile App for their business, but there are certain marketing techniques which are needed to be applied for getting effective results from them. A mobile app can increase the customer engagement rate and also helps to get the customer details. Hence mobile apps can sometimes be much more productive than websites. But it is to be noted that the mobile apps much be backed by a dedicated web backend and should be checked from time to time for its speed.

7)      Dedicated and Recognized Payment Gateway

There must to a secured and dedicated payment gateway attached to the system that must to fail at any circumstances. Today many payment gateways like BillDesk, PayUmoney etc provide API’s that can be attached to the system.

Moreover there should be a “Cash On Delivery” module also that can increase the trust factors of the customers.

However these are the factors which are the most important things for online e-tailers to get their business started. Infact there are various other factors also which facilitates these business like Digital Marketing etc. For more please feel free to Contact US.