Apr 09 2017

Top 10 Tips for Building an Effective Mobile Application

Mobile apps are taking a big revolution in today’s market, as in these days we simply cannot live without mobile apps. They have become a part of our daily life, hence it is always profitable for every businesses to use this one for targeting their appropriate customers. However there are several points that you should consider before actually developing your app.

1)      Optimize the speed of your app

This is the first thing that you should consider before developing or marketing your app. You just cannot compromise with the app speed as it just disturbs the users and forces them to uninstall the app. Hence it is always recommended to uses light designs and images, so that the speed of that remains very good.

2)      Don’t consider the app as a replacement of your website

If we take a look at the successful mobile app businesses in the market, then we can see that every one of them has a website developed for them. Infact mobile app drives its datas from a dedicated backend mainly for eCommerce related apps which requires items to be customized from time to time. Although we can use JSON parsing nowadays in iOS apps to perform the work of a backend, but it is always for lighter apps.

3)      Sending Notifications to users from time to time

Normally when a user installs and app, he remains quite active with that for the first few days. After that he tries other apps, hence it is always recommended for every companies to send them various offers via notifications that will ensure its sustainability.

4)      Reduce the app size

Telling for an end user perspective, every wants an app that does not consumes much space in their phones. If it does then everyone will have the tendency to uninstall the app and move for other ones, as we don’t want to delete our primary apps like Facebook, Amazon etc which takes reasonable spaces.

5)      Allow easy sign ups with the apps

We often get irritated if we have to fill up various forms in the apps to properly sign up for that. Hence as a business it will be our duty to ease the process of the same. Today several options like Sign in with Google or Facebook options are available, that can help with the same.

6)      Enable features to know the user’s contacts and its location

Today with some technology options, we can know how to track a user’s location and market the products or services around them. Moreover it will be easy for the businesses to sell these as the users are likely to avail them quickly. Some sort of social media applications can also access user’s contacts to promote their brand to the friends of the user’s also.

7)      Use Paid Advertising to promote your brand

For some brands which are new in the market, paid form of advertising is perhaps the best for them as it can gather some quick leads for them. For mobile there are certain process of advertising, which can send them directly in play stores/itunes to install the app. Moreover Google also allows paid advertising in Play Stores, so that the app can rank in top for some keywords.

8)      Use Remarketing options to attract existing visitors

Google, Facebook and other medias provide some options like Remarketing, which will help us to target my app to only those market segment who are interested or visited my website or app before. We may see it quite often that after going through some product item in Amazon, it gets visible in facebook. This is due to the same feature that will show me those until I am performing some sale/purchase with those ones.

9)      Keep place for online ads to appear

Google normally shows its adverts along its Search and Display networks and also through some search partners. Normally to enable these features you have to install Adsense in your app which will allow the ads to get appeared and you will be paid some cents on the basis of clicks or impressions. Hence it is a very good option for the advertisers to earn something from their apps apart from the leads or product purchases.

10)  Include Referral Discounts

This is the most common form of advertising available in both online and traditional form. Nowadays we have seen that many companies are using the same to attract more visitors for their apps. It will not only help to attract more users but will also help to retain them for marketing products or services in the future.

However these are by far the most important tips that can effectively help businesses to start with their mobile apps. Infact there are tons of other things to consider before implementing the same. Do Contact US for getting a free consultation form our experts.